Xbox 360 : фалшиво твърдение, че Xbox Live е хакнат

Хакер на име Reckz0r, известен с хакването на сайта на CNN и data stream-а им, пусна съобщение, с което твърди, че е хакнал Xbox Live и е  източил цялата база данни на 47 милиона потребители. Информацията включвала имейли, адреси, кредитни карти и други. Информацията вкара в шок и ужас интернет пространството за известно време.

В по късен етап от Microsoft отрекоха това да се е случвало, твърдейки, че не е имало никакво проникване в базата им данни. Ето цитат от хакера :

[quote style=“1″]Good morning, faggots

Today is a pretty fine fucking day, and a good day for the underground too, as I believe everything happens for a small tiny reason. Today, one of the biggest IT-companies known as Fagsoft, oh sorry, autocorrect-problems, I meant, Microsoft. They are often known as the biggest cocksuckers that history has ever witnessed. They released a faggotry-infested 1960’s-machines inspired Xbox One! They said that they have created 30,000 servers just for this lovely moment. I believe, you better shut the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up, billy.

Today, Xbox Live has been brutally owned, in true-fashion. I shall not expose the vulnerability this time, as I do not want Benjamin Kuns Mejri masturbating all over my releases, oh and, Vuln-Labs, your advisories fucking suck.

On the second hand, after the downfall of our well-known friends, Lulssec. sony was truly happy, sitting behind their chairs and ejaculating over pictures of Katy Perry. But I believe, that Microsoft should get a taste of some pure ownage too.

I brutally owned Xbox Live a few days ago, but I decided to dump all the super-dooper precious data now.

Oh and, If I get another stupid BBC-journalist talking crap on this lovely work-of-hand, thou shall be cursed.

And most importanly; Microsoft, this is not a dick-sucking contest. You gotta stand the fuck up infront of cyberhackers. You seek help and therefore; You’ll get owned.

Lastly, Microsoft is a pest to humanity.

Enjoy this lovely ownage for now.

I have uploaded the entire credentials of every Xbox Live user in an nickname;email;password;joindate format, It contains nearly confidental-info on around 47 million users.[/quote]

Written by: gataka

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